Sphinx of Delft

A fantasy

See painting

Oil on canvas

45 1/2" x 50 1/2"
(115,5 cm x 128,3 cm)

©2003 Martin Dusan. All rights reserved.

In the first book I ever read on Vermeer, he was dubbed with the sobriquet, The Sphinx of Delft. From that time on, I have thought of him that way. I love his paintings.

In the 80's I began to think about his easel, standing in an empty studio with a canvas on it. I made a sketch and left it alone.

In 2003 being in the Netherlands for 4 years, breathing her air and feeling more comfortable with her, I believed myself ready to try to make a painting. His 3 great pictures, 'The artist in his studio', 'Little street in Delft' and 'View of Delft', I would try to combine. I used the chair and table from 'A lady drinking and a gentleman' as a lead-in.