Back Yard

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Prisma Color Pencils on Aldi Paper

72" x 60"
(34 cm x 34 cm)

©2012 Martin Dusan. All rights reserved.

On this desolate street at this God forsaken end of the line. A train Yard. Not a street of losers, but of never were' s. Never would be's. I called it home for 27 years.

In a simple frame house, that never believed it was lost. Doing it's best from old grey shingles, to white siding with yellow trim. How proud it was. The first on the block. (the other houses following suit, in the years to come.)

The little Christmas tree in front, that grew bigger than the house, the large trees in back, it was cozy, protected, un-ruly and overgrown but free.

The happiest times of my life were spent in the back yard of that house, with Gabriella, Amara and a cat called Linky.

The house is still there, at 4424 Bruner Ave. It's been changed, up-dated, the trees are gone (front and back). New owners twice over. Now it's like all the rest, it fits in.