Armistice Day

See painting

Oil on panel with collage

39 1/2" x 39 1/2"
(98 cm x 98 cm)

©2003 Martin Dusan. All rights reserved.

The picture in the frame is of Wilfred Owen, the poet-soldier of World War I.

In the International Herald Tribune I encountered a book-review of 'Anthem for doomed youth'. The article carried his picture. I liked his face. I knew him. It could have been me, my father, my brother.

So I purchased the book, read his story and poetry and liked him even more. He was killed one day before armistice was declared, at 25 years of age. The pencil-sharpener and the view thru the window, as well as the worn old straw chair, are from my studio. The long table is from the dining room. The planes are the Red Arrows, a stunt team of the British Royal Air force.

There is no one in the room, except for his picture and ghostly images on the wall. It is about the futility of all wars. Those who go and never come back. Those who stay and remember. Empty chair, empty table and empty room. This one's for him. For all of them.

It never changes.